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Drum Cafe's interactive drumming is a powerful way to make any event unforgettable! Our world-class program, in which everyone gets a drum, builds teams, unites companies, and motivates staff. Drum Cafe's success is proven in over 20 countries and 20,000 events. From 12 people to over 1,000 people. Discover how we can add WOW to your next event...more

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Team Building

Unite your company and motivate staff with our world-class team building program: connecting, communicating & listening. via interactive drumming .


A breakthrough way to open or close conferences, and to revitalise delegates between presentations or speeces. A great option as a keynote address.


Other Events

Product launches, fundraisers, awards, shows, dinners, Christmas parties & road shows, DC provides a unique, fun way to bring people together


Wake up entertainment! Our original performance groups includes some of the world's top African and contemporary drummers, dancers & performers.

ESPRIT's unique drumming promo drums up over 3 million beats and RMB 4.3 million for charity with the Drum Cafe.
ING Insurance energizes its Customer Service teams in slowing economy. 2 Days, 2 groups of 45 people.

NOKIA 2009 Teambuilding China Managers-Beijing Annual conference

Hangzhou: ICBC training session in November 2008

Foxconn Hon Hai Year End party: Drumming together for the sound of success.
SGS Directors & Management Workshop, Shangrila, Ilan. 2 hours, 80 senior delegates
Drum Cafe opens Beijing Olympics. Inspires winning for 200 countries.
In the economic downturn, smart managers discover a new & effective way to motivate staff
Sales Force, Company Training, Manager motivation – see photos
Amway China, 2,400 people and 8 events. Drum Cafe helps sales teams
Product Launch: Chrysler car show
Beijing Olympics - Drum Cafe open games, motivates 200 countries
Professional Trainers: Recommend Drum Cafe
Scienific Proof: Drumming proven in US to boost morale, relieve stress

Services: motivation, team building,, staff training, teambuilding Taiwan, leadership programs, conferences.

If you can drum, join us. If you want to learn how to drum then start djembe lessons email: info@drumcafe.com.cn

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